Annual Termite Inspections


Interestingly most people who have a Termite System installed to their home do not have the annual inspections performed. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know that the service is available or even required.

You would think that the termite system installers would hound the owners every year for the inspection to be performed so they earn the inspection fee which is usually around $275, but they just don’t.

Part of having a termite protection system installed to your home is the annual inspection. The annual inspection gives the installer the ability to check if anything has changed to the home like a new garden bed has been installed or the dog has buried their bones breaking the continual line of protection around the home. Secondly, the home can be checked to see if termites have entered the home by getting around the installed system.

Let’s be honest, termites do fly and can infest the home through the roof linings and gaps in wall linings etc, so the protection which has been installed to the perimeter of the home may not be sufficient in all cases to stop termite infestation and inspections are the obvious back up.

Annual Termite Inspections


Part of the Australian Standard A.S. 3660.1-2000 (it has just been updated May, 2017) for termite protection systems and the methods for inspections states: Termite Management Part 1: New Building Work, ‘The purpose of termite barriers is to deter concealed entry by termites into a building, above the termite barrier. Termites can build around barriers but their workings or evidence thereof are then in the open where they may be detected more readily during regular inspections.

Supporting the installation of a termite system the BCA 2010 Volume 2 part states:

(b) A durable notice must be permanently fixed to the building in a prominent location, such as in a meter box or the like, indicating-
(i) the method of termite risk management; and
(ii) the date of installation of the system; and
(iii) where a chemical barrier is used, its life expectancy as listed on the National Registration Authority label; and
(iv) the installer’s or manufacturer’s recommendations for the scope and frequency of future inspections for termite activity.


A durable notice which must be fixed to the building in a prominent location advising the
building occupants that the system should be inspected and maintained, should be clearly
written, on a material that will not deteriorate or fade over time and be located in, or near
the meter box or similar location so that it can be easily found and read by future owners of
the building.

So, if you have a termite protection system installed to your home, you need to read the fine print on the Contract or at least contact the installer to ask about the terms of the installation, warranty and subsequent inspection requirements. Typically, the contractual obligation is on the owner to have the property inspected annually by the installer for the warranty to be valid.

If you have any questions relating to termite protection systems for new or existing homes please contact IOA Building Consultants.

Photo of Termite System

Termite System

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