Asbestos Testing Melbourne

Asbestos fibres were used in the manufacture of approximately 3500 automotive, building and household items that were part of everyday use.

In 1973 Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) were banned from being manufactured in Australia with a moratorium in place until 1983 allowing the sale of pre-1973 manufactured materials.

In the domestic environment, there is no body or legislation ensuring ACM’s are monitored or documented, therefore the home owner is mostly left in the dark, not knowing if there are ACM’s present or not.

Most homes constructed pre-1983 in Victoria, have some form of Asbestos Containing Materials within their structure, so how can you deal with them. For peace and mind, the recommendation is to test any suspected materials and if found positive for Asbestos, either contain (encapsulate) them, or remove the item or product.

‘In Out All About Building Consultants’ are authorised and certified to sample, document and qualify Asbestos containing Materials in both Commercial & Domestic Environments.

If you have concerns about Asbestos Containing Materials within your work or home environment it would be wise to have it checked.

Asbestos Testing Melbourne

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