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Whether you erect a shed, build a three bedroom home or build a Pergola the Rules are the same. All works where the property owner has signed on as an Owner Builder must obtain a Building Permit and have the Construction inspected by a Building Surveyor at nominated stages.

If the property is to be sold within the 6 years of the Owner Builder works being completed, a 137B Inspection and Report must be performed and supplied to the warranty insurer, which in turn must be added to the Section 32 Sale documentation.

It should be noted that you can only obtain one Owner Builder permit per single home and associated works on that property once every three years. More information about the application process is available from the VBA.

IOA Building Consultants, in partnership with our certified Quantity Surveyors and ATO Registered Certifiers offer property Building Tax Depreciation Services for Rural, Agribusiness, Commercial and Investment property owners.

Our Tax Depreciation specialist team can save thousands of dollars in discovering relevant property tax depreciation deductions which can significantly improve the cash flow of your investment property by identifying all your property tax depreciation deductions.

Many first time and experienced investors are unaware of the tax savings a professional depreciation schedule can provide for their residential investment property.

Our Mornington Peninsula Building Inspection team’s experience has shown that many misconceptions exist when it comes to what can & cannot be claimed for, which often leads to investors overlooking or missing out on available deductions. It is important to identify all eligible Plant items (carpets, cooking appliances, heating cooling etc.) in order to maximise your claim. We will also ensure that all renovation works completed by yourself or previous owners are included within your Report.

We have simplified the depreciation process for you, creating a user-friendly, yet comprehensive experience for our Clients.


We are frequently engaged by clients to conduct Special Purpose Building Inspections and provide detailed Reports and information on a number of specialist areas. Common inspections we perform and the associated issues or concerns are:


Is my home contaminated, can I clean it


Where is it, what type is it and how can we make it safe

Brickwork Cracks

Age of cracks, structural issues and safety issues

Builders Works

Have they been done to the required standard

Building Permit

Do I need one

Cracking to Walls

Wall linings, why are they cracking & how can we fix it

Damp – Subfloor

How bad is it, how can we fix it, is it a health hazard


Is it structurally sound


Storm water connection and paved area run off


Condition and degradation reports

Finished Floor Levels

Survey of relative levels for construction compliance

Floor Levels

Why are the floors up and down and how can we fix it

Floor Finishes

Are they sanded and finished to the required standard


Do we have it, is it up to scratch, how can we improve it

Kitchen Renovation

How can we do it, can we remove that wall

Loadbearing walls

Can I remove that wall, it is load bearing


How can I remove it and is it dangerous

Paint Finishes

Do they meet the required standard

Planning Permit

Do I need one

Pool Fencing

Does it meet the standard

Renovation Works

Have they been done to Code, do they meet the Standard

Retaining Walls

Quality of workmanship

Rising Damp

Do we have it and how can we fix it

Roof Inspections

Is the roof ok. Has the tradesman done a good job

Roof leaks

How can we fix it. Does the roof need replacement

Smoke Detectors

Where do I need them

Stairs & Balustrades

Are they safe and do they meet the building code


Are they damaged or rotten

Subfloor Health

How can I fix the damp and dry out the mold


Adequacy of existing system and improvements


Has it been done correctly, is it leaking

Resolving Building Disputes

If a dispute arises between you and your Builder, you can take the following steps to resolve it.

  1. Try to resolve the dispute yourself by discussing the issue with your builder.
  2. If you cannot resolve the problem by speaking to the builder directly, send them a letter or email, formally outlining the issue and requesting a response.
  3. If you do not receive a response from your builder within a reasonable timeframe, you can lodge an application for dispute resolution through Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV).

To ensure your concerns are taken seriously you will require an independent Building Consultant’s report to substantiate and define the issues at hand with the Construction. You may also to elect to engage an Expert Witness to provide Expert Evidence or offer technical advice in court, should the matter go that far.

Regardless of the process, a professionally written report is a necessity to provide the technical evidence for the claim.

IOA Building Consultants provides expert written reports and expert evidence when required to assist our clients in building dispute resolution cases.

If you are having issues with your present building project, please contact us to discuss further.

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