Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne

Buying a New Home or Commercial Investment? Know its secrets first. 

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne, Australia

IOA Building Inspections and Consultants provides pre-purchase building inspections for business and personal property acquisitions. Be informed and aware of the physical condition of a property before you make that important decision to buy. 

  • Interior and exterior
  • Roof Exterior and roof cavity
  • Floor levels, subfloor and finishes
  • Foundations and footings (where visible)
  • Exterior façade condition
  • Walls interior and exterior (cracking, distortion)
  • Existence and state of visual asbestos containing materials
  • Mould and damp
  • Decking, balustrades and falls from heights
  • Paint finishes
  • Pool fencing and retaining walls
  • Stairs, steps and paving
  • Surface drainage
  • Amphetamine testing when requested
  • Handyman works (maintenance works have been done correctly)

Buy with confidence. Receive independent, expert advice and a comprehensive inspection report detailing the physical state of the property, any inherent issues associated with the structure and future works required to ensure the property does not degrade. 

  • Master Builder (Commercial License No. CB-L16678) 
  • Registered Building Practitioner with over 35 years industry experience 
  • Fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance 
  • Prompt report turnaround time (within 24 hours or same day)  
  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS4349  
  • Thorough inspection techniques and reports you can understand 
  • Expert building, property and renovation advice including structures and codes 
  • VCAT – Recognised Building Expert and DBDRV Dispute Resolution Consultant 
  • Personalised service (phone always answered… unless stuck under a house)

Homes and structures generally tell a story – they speak for themselves.
Get the right eyes on the job to see the real story...

Comprehensive building inspection report

Whether it’s your first home or an investment, we’ve got you covered. Get the ‘full picture’ identifying any urgent and long-term maintenance issues for the property you are about to buy covering everything from safety aspects, building integrity, condition of materials and fixtures. Your report will include:

(a) Major Defects.

Major Defects are a defect where a secondary defect will occur. Examples of these are pest infestation, water leaks (pipes), bathroom leaks, roof structure damage, sagging ceilings, wall cracks, bounce in floors, loose or damaged electrical overhead connections and other signs of structural damage (wall cracks, uneven floors).

(b) A general impression regarding the extent of Minor Defects.

Minor defects are defects which will not create a secondary defect. Examples of these are cupboard doors that don’t close, poor quality paint jobs, leaning fences, chips in bench tops or laminate surfaces, minor out of level floors, sticking windows, cracked concrete paving.

(c) Any Major Defect that is an urgent and serious safety hazard.

Examples of these are pool fences that are incomplete or damaged, ovens that are not fixed into cabinetry, fuse boxes that do not contain safety switches, step or stairs that are higher than allowed, slippery surfaces like mossy decks, windows on second stories that open further than 120mm, exposed yellow gas pipe, trip/fall hazards, balustrades that may allow falls from heights.

Our reporting documentation is of high quality, in a format you can understand.

Every single ‘nook and cranny’

The only way to really see what’s going is to get into every facet of the building and examine it closely. It means a thorough checklist and taking the time to get the information we need – not rushing. Having this level of detail gives us a more holistic view of what’s going on and the ability to link any issues which might be connected. Our inspection techniques are thorough. We even get under the floors with the snakes and wombats.

Are you seeing some signs of damage and unsure what they mean? Remove any shadow of doubt and get the right eyes on the job.

Accredited, qualified and industry aligned

Did you know that nearly all ‘Inspectors’ are poorly skilled and unlicensed? What’s the point of paying for a sub-standard inspection and getting only half of what you need to know. Vital things might be missed and sting you later on. Ouch.

With IOA Building Inspections and Consultants you benefit from 35 years of industry experience in building and construction and inspections, with your inspection being undertaken by a Licensed Master Builder and Registered Building Practitioner. Untrained eyes may not see what we see and charge you the same.

Only an experienced eye with the right knowledge and qualifications will be enough to identify the ‘skeletons in the closet’ you need to know about. Investing in the extensive and reputable experience and knowledge of our team is a good move.

The right process and sound advice

At IOA Building Inspections and Consultants we like to look after our customers and equip them with as much quality advice as we can to make their decision to buy as clear as possible.

As we undertake your inspection you can expect to receive personalised and tailored advice drawn from an incredible vault of knowledge on building and property. This might include advice on building standards and codes, design and fit-out, product installation, estimations and renovation advice. It’s especially good to know if any previous renovations have been performed by licensed trades or ‘weekend warriors’.

Through years of local experience, we also know and understand our geographical area and its associated issues that can affect buildings and structures.

The process required for building inspections and the inclusions are defined in the Australian Standard AS4349. Doing it ‘by the book’ is the ONLY way. Industry standards are there for a reason – to keep us safe and protected.

Service area – where and what we inspect

IOA Building Inspections provides Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne and its suburbs south of Melbourne and east of Melbourne – including the far north-east and south-east. Mornington Peninsula too!

We inspect houses, units, apartments, commercial buildings, shops, offices, factories, removable homes and many other structures.

We can help you with a comprehensive inspection and quality report.
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