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Vermin Proofing Your Home – Is It Really Necessary?

No, I’m not talking about trying to lock out your 15 year olds, I’m talking about the other kind of vermin, you know, the flying, crawling, marching, slithering and jumping kind.

After crawling under, over and inside thousands of homes across the Eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula suburbs over the years, I am still always surprised by the enormous amount of damage that can be caused by uninvited vermin.

Last week we got a call from Ron in Mt Eliza who was concerned about termites in his home.

Days earlier, Ron’s cleaning lady who was cleaning the toilet, leaned against the wall which gave way, leaving a fist sized hole in the wall.

Upon investigation, European wasps had nested in the wall cavity and eaten away at the back of the plaster board, leaving only the paper-thin surface, which obviously failed when leant against.

This type of wasp infestation occurs all over Victoria and can be easily overcome by sealing and caulking all exterior gaps around window and door jambs and eave/wall joints.

Removing entry points for wasps or bees by performing some simple gap sealing, will not only save you the cost of extermination but also the nasty surprise of an infestation into your home once they eat through the plasterboard or other internal linings.

Tip of the day: If you want to perform gap sealing to external areas of your home, make sure the product is paintable if that is your requirement, but definitely UV or Exterior rated so that it does not degrade due to Ultra Violet exposure.

You wouldn’t let anyone but a builder build your home. Why would you let anyone but a builder inspect it!

If you have any questions or you would like to book a building inspection using a registered builder contact me on 1800 800 150 or

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